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TOP 5 Architects in St. Petersburg Florida

Best Architects in St. Petersburg Florida - October 2023

G2 Design, LLC

G2 Design, LLC is a young, energetic architecture firm with a focus on sustainable architecture. We bring a collaboration of people and their talents to all projects. All projects take into consideration location, orientation, sustainability, surrounding structures, aesthetics, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, accessibility, green space and environmental impact. We believe in being at the forefront of technology so we are constantly moving to the next form of Computer Aided Design (CAD). Currently, we implement all project utilizing Autodesk REVIT 2018, a 3D modeling software that lets clients move around their projects in real time.
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Harvard Jolly Inc

Harvard Jolly Architecture was founded in 1938 by William B. Harvard, Sr. Today, his one-man practice has evolved into a regional enterprise with offices spanning the state of Florida in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers and Sarasota.
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Ivy Group Consultants

We provide design and technical consulting for teams of professionals from pre-design through close-out of a diverse line of project types from residential to large commercial/high-rise, for new and restoration projects. We perform comprehensive reviews of design, provide recommendations for use of appropriate building materials, weatherization details, and independent reviews of work during the construction phases.
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Canerday Belfsky Arroyo Architect

Canerday, Belfsky + Arroyo Architects was established in 1984 under the name of Charles Canerday and Associates. In 2002 Richard Belfsky and Leandro Arroyo became partners and in order to reflect the new leadership the name was changed to Canerday, Belfsky + Arroyo Architects Inc. (AA26000587). Leandro Arroyo (AR 0012326) is registered in Florida and Richard Belfsky (001-12909) is registered in Illinois.
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Weber Design Group, Inc.

Since the inception of Weber Design Group, Inc. in 1991, Bill Weber’s vision of designing beautiful and unique custom homes for families to fall in love with has grown into a passion of exceeding all clients expectations of livability, lifestyle, form and function while creating unsurpassed value. The core values of the company have always been to exceed customer satisfaction, strive for perfection and make design adjustments until excellence is achieved. That is what we are hired to do, and we treat clients’ investments into their projects as though they are our own.
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