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TOP 5 Builders in Boca Grande Florida

Best Builders in Boca Grande Florida - June 2020

Cantin Homes, LLC

Cantin Homes is not a large production builder but a locally owned and operated SW Florida family home building business. Our friendly construction staff will know who you are and will be familiar with you and your home. We want to build your home the way you want it. We understand that this is going to be your home and it has to be done right.
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Island Design & Building Co

Island Design & Building Co. has been working on Boca Grande Island since 1986 and has over 35 years of experience with providing outstanding architecture and services. Our specialty is residential architectual design and construction for new, custom homes, renovations, and additions.
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Safety Harbor Builders Of FL LLC

Safety Harbor Builders has been building homes in southwest Florida coastal communities since it’s inception in 1983. Company president David Benner came to work for Safety Harbor in 1984 and has been a consistent part of the company’s enduring legacy ever since.
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Vantage Homes

Here at Vantage Homes, we offer a very personal service, where the owner is actively involved on a daily basis, to ensure all our clients receive a first class service. We have been building homes in England and America for over 30 years, ranging from luxury apartments through to an 8000 square foot bespoke mansion. Our expansive experience includes specialist expertise in building oak framed houses using materials from the Napoleonic period to building & restoration work of heritage buildings listed with Historic preservation.
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Malachi Construction, Inc.

Malachi Construction, Inc. began business in 1980; David Sturman, president and owner, began his career in construction, in the carpentry trade in 1973. Malachi Construction originally started as a carpentry contracting firm with a priority on craftsmanship establishing the company in the marketplace. Malachi Construction has always been a family owned business, building on a foundation of excellence.
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